About BB Tooling & Gauges

BB Tooling & Gauges is the newest member to the JNW Resources Sdn. Bhd. Group in Malaysia.

Our parent company, JNW Resources is a specialist in supply of hardware, they pride themselves on their commitment to provide a rapid response to our customers ever changing needs.


Our parent JNW and BB Tooling & Gauge goal is assisting customers in providing efficient solution to challenges, to deliver on time with the highest quality at a competitive price.

Over the years JNW has built up a strong relationship based on these principles and we continue to develop our long term partnership with our client base.

We have recognized our customer’s need for a supplier that can provide high precision quality tooling and gauges with this in mind we have introduced our new company BB Tooling & Gauges who will specialize in supplying our customers with high quality tooling for CNC machining and precision measurement gauges.

By the introducing of our new company BB Tooling & Gauges, it will give our customer base a direct contact to supplier who be highly focused on the supply high precision quality tooling and gauges.

Our aim is for JNW Resources group to provide a one stop solution to all our customer’s needs and demands.